Thaana Type

Research & development of Thaana fonts



Web app for colour data visualisations of photos


Dot memorial

A personal memorial for lives lost due to covid-19



Identity development for integrated water resource management campaign for UNDP


2013 Maldives presidential election results analytics

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Mapping & documenting murders that have taken place in the Maldives

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Lets Go Maldives rebranding

Complete rebranding of the travel agency


MRC VCA Guidelines & Toolbox

Designing of handbooks for Maldivian Red Crescent


Azidon – brand development

Development of brand identity & marketing materials


DHL Advertising in Maldives

Brochures, posters, billboards & exhibition stall

Islands of Maldives

Islands of Maldives (aligning together)

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UNICEF Nutrition Playing Cards (2008)

Playing cards promoting complementary feeding

Framing Leaders (2007)

Algorithmically generated framed pictures of heads of governments

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Flags By Colours (2007)

Data visualization experiment using flags of the world

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Generator (2006)

An evolving algorithm that generates music & visuals

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mvblogosphere (2006)

Mapping of the Maldivian blogosphere (2006-2014)

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Drawing With Light (2005)

Mapping photography & its links to social, political & aesthetic systems

UN CAT Booklet (2004)

Convention against Torture (CAT) Dhivehi booklet for UNDP

Blindscapes (2004)

Photographing urban life in Malé

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Malé Aerial (2004)

Aerial photography of the island city of Malé