Independent Multidisciplinary Designer

A selection of Exhibitions & Publications that feature some of Shahee Ilyas’ work:

  • Brain Pickings – Color as Data: Visualizing Color Composition, 2010
  • Data Flow (2008 Die-Gestalten, Germany) Visualising Information in Graphic Design.
  • IDPURE (N°13, 2007) The Swiss magazine of graphic design and visual creation.
  • IEEE Visualization 2007 Conference in Sacramento, California. USA, forum for data and information visualization advances for academia, government, and industry. Co-curated by Golan Levin, Fernanda B. Vigas and Ben Fry.
  • Kelvin – Colour Today (2007 Die-Gestalten, Germany) investigating today’s evolving perception and application of colour.
  • Fragile Earth (2006 Harper Collins UK) showing the extraordinary effects of man and nature providing insights into our possible future world.
  • Gentlemen’s Quarterly – GQ Magazine (May 2008 Italy) on Style | Design section.
  • Filmbase, Dublin, Ireland (2008) as part of “Synth Eastwood Show 5 Flags & Anthems”
  • Gallery BLAAK10, Rotterdam, NL (2008) as part of “global / positions / systems”
  • WORM, Rotterdam, NL (2007) as part of “PZI Media Design Invades WORM”.
  • PZI Overblaak 85, Rotterdam, NL (2006). As part of “PZI Show”
  • Information Aesthetics – Data visualization & visual design
  • ColourLovers – Colour & design for creative inspiration
  • Visual Complexity – Exploration on mapping complex networks

Shahee Ilyas has a Master of Arts degree in Media Design from Piet Zwart Institue for postgraduate studies and research, Willem de Kooning Academy, The Netherlands. He majored in Architecture for three years at the University of Oregon, USA.

Shahee Ilyas works on data analysis, brand (re)positioning, communication planning and design projects. His visual artworks, data visualisations, photographs and writings have been exhibited and published in North America, Europe and Asia.

Interested in how media affects and changes aesthetic, social, philosophical, political and economic systems, Shahee Ilyas creatively combines intensive research, visual design, information design, data visualisation, photography, videography, architectural design, product design, writing, web development and computer programming in his projects.

To contact Shahee Ilyas, please feel free to email shahee@shaheeilyas.com or use the contact form on this website.

LinkedIn: shaheeilyas.
Instagram: @shaheeilyas.

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