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Research & development of Thaana fonts

Thaana Type

Thaana Type is a Maldivian type foundry focused on experimenting, designing and developing Thaana fonts and Dhivehi typography. It is the public phase of incremental research and design work centred around Thaana typography, especially in digital domains, since the late 90s. Some of this includes: Atharu designed in 2000, Fiyuzu designed in 2002, Fanara designed in 2008 and research published and presented in 2008.

All fonts produced through Thaana Type are available for download and use under SIL Open Font License.


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Year: 2020


A project by Ayeshath Fadwa + Shahee Ilyas


A Special Mention is awarded to Fanara Golhi for its contribution towards widening the typographic palette of the Thaana script system. – The 12th Granshan Type Design Competition 2021/22 – South Asian Scripts Text Typefaces