DHL Advertising in Maldives

Brochures, posters, billboards & exhibition stall

Various works for DHL Maldives over the years including billboards, posters, exhibition stall, newspaper advertising & brochures. The messaging and conceptualisation are focused to target the local market in the local context but adhering the DHL’s international advertising guidelines.

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Year: 2012


DHL local brochure:
Research & copywriting: Ahmed Rilwan (@moyameehaa)
Layout & designing: Ayeshath Fadwa

Local image used on International Shipping advert, local brochure cover & exhibition stall inside)
Photography: Asad Nazeer (Funkografik)
Models: Nilsam & Eyna

Other local images:
Photography: Shahee Ilyas

Additional photography: DHL International archives

Creative director: Shahee Ilyas