An evolving algorithm that generates music & visuals
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Music from nature can be very unpredictable. It is soothing at times, and not so at other times. When observed deeply, an evolving mathematical pattern is evident. Generator creates an evolving algorithm that generates sounds and visuals. Sounds and still images of the space are captured continuously at regular intervals and stored in the system. The receptary of time stamped material is used to determine a historic memory of the space which forms an underlying ancestral layer. This combines with the most recent materials along with a real-time analysis of sound levels to compile the generated ambience. As nature evolves and produces ambience for its surrounding, Generator grows by surveilling its location and generates ambience for the space from the space.

Ecasound, Sox, Ffmpeg, Mencoder, Mplayer, Maccam & Jack wrapped in Python and Bash script is used for creating the installation. Thanks to Michael Murtaugh and Calum Selkirk for technical support.


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Year: 2006


PZI Overblaak 85, Rotterdam, NL (2006). As part of “PZI Show”