Photography: An attempt to map photography and the dynamic relationships it forms with social, political and aesthetic systems.  
Personal: to create and preserve memories of loved ones and special events. News/Photojournalism: keeps us up to date on what goes on around us.
Entertainment: celebrity idols, sports stars and other famous people some of whom aspire and inspire and others who set unattainable ideals. Fashion and beauty: dictate what we should look like and current trends we should be following.
Voyeurism/pornography: enables us to view sensational subjects from a distance. Advertisements: increase in us our desire to consume more, inform us of available products and influence our buying decisions.
Travel photography: give us glimpses of exotic places and people that are new to us. Educational: instructional. to sort, classify and index for study.
Access to images that would be impossible to see with the naked eye such as; the depths of outer space, microscopic matter and events that happen too fast to see. Art photography: a new perspective to provoke thought.

The plethora of images we are exposed mould our perception of reality/truth and influence our judgment and the choices we make.

Photographs are a unique communication tool since it is identical to our sense of seeing. It is presumed that photographs represent reality. Just as is it not inherent in the nature of people to verify what their eyes see because they don’t suppose their eyes would deceive them – the same goes for photographs.

This makes photography a powerful and indispensable tool in the hands of those who wish to manipulate/exploit it’s aesthetics and harness it to disseminate social or political messages.

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