27 Feb - 11 Mar

Seventh Nakaiy of Iruvaa
Frequent, short, sharp bursts of thunder and lightning


There may be storms lasting a short duration, thunder and lightning maybe frequent during this period. Generally winds are moderate and blow from the North-East.


Winds at 7 knots/hr. (12.96 km/hr.) Average rainfall is 43.2 mm (1.70 inches) and the sunshine is 120 hours.


Very good.


Magoo (Beach Naupaka - Scaevola taccada), Uni (Guettarda speciosa) and Dhakadhaa (Premna obtusifolia) are cut down and allowed to dry.


The name given in Maldives to the seventh Nakaiy of Iruvaa season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the twenty-sixth lunar mansion and is named, along with the following asterism Bhadrapada, which means "beautiful foot". Another name given to this asterism is Proshthapada. This again is a double asterism and to distinguish the two one has the prefix "Purva" meaning "former" added to the name. The presiding divinity is Ajikapada. To the Arabs it is the twenty-six manzil of the moon and is called Al-Fargh al-Mukdim, which means "the fore spout of water-jar". Singhala name is Puvaputupa. Figured as a couch.


Alpha (Markab), Beta (Scheat) in Pegasi