12 Mar - 25 Mar

Eighth Nakaiy of Iruvaa
Usually clear blue skies


On the third or fourth day of this Nakaiy the storm associated with its name is normally experienced. Thunder and lightening may be experienced. Generally winds are moderate and blow from the North-East.


Winds at an average speed of 07 knots/hr. Thunder and lightning may be experienced. Average rainfall for this Nakaiy is 31.8 mm (1.25 inches) and the Sunshine is 131.3 hrs.


Very good.


It is said that if thundering is frequent, Yam harvest will be good for the year.


The name given in Maldives to the eighth Nakaiy of Iruvaa season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the twenty-seventh lunar mansion and is named Uttara-Bhadrapada. It forms a double asterism with the preceding one. The presiding divinity is Ahi Budhnya. To the Arabs it is the twenty-seventh manzil of the moon and is called Al Fargh al-Mukhir, which means "the hind spout of the water jar". Singhala name is Uthuruputupa. Figured with a double face.


Gamma (Algenib) an Pegasi and Alpha (Alpheratz) in Andromedae