23 Dec - 5 Jan

Second Nakaiy of Iruvaa
Strong north-easterly winds, rough seas


Generally winds are strong and blow from the North-East during this period. The seas are rough.


Average rainfall for this Nakaiy is 76.5 mm (3.01 inches); the average wind speed is 12 knots per hour (22.22 km/hr) and the sunshine is 97.1 hrs.


Good in the North of Maldives.


The name given to the second Nakaiy of Iruvaa season. According to the Hindu astrologers it is the twentieth lunar mansion and is named Purva-Ashadha. The word "Ashadha" means "unsubdued", and Purva designates "former, because this and the following asterisms are taken to form a double asterism. the presiding divinity is Apa Deva. To the Arabs it is the twentieth manzil of the moon and is named An-Na’am, meaning "the pasturing cattle". Sinhala name is Puvasala. It is figured as either as a bed or a couch.


Delta and Epsilon (Kaus Australis) in Sagittarii