10 Dec - 22 Dec

First Nakaiy of Iruvaa
Strong winds, rough seas


Iruvaa season begins. During this period winds are strong and not settled to blow from one direction and the seas are rough. Generally winds are from the North-East.


Average rainfall for this Nakaiy is 84.0 mm (3.31 inches); wind speed is 11 knots/hr. (20.37 km/hr.); sunshine is 86.4 hours.


Good for Tuna, bad for Bonito. Live bait is abundant in the northern Maldives.


The name given in Maldives to the first Nakaiy of Iruvaa season. On the third day of this nakaiy “badi helun” ceremony is held. The olden form of writing this name in Dhivehi was Mulahalha. According to Hindu astrologers it is the 19th Lunar mansion named Mula which means "the root" and the presiding divinity is Nirrti. Arab: it is the 19th manzil of the moon, and is named Ash-Shaulah, meaning "the sting" (of the scorpion). Sinhala name is Mula. This is figured as a Lions Tail.


Epsilon, Mu, Xi, Eta Theta, Iota, Chi, Upsilon and Lambda (shaula) in Scopionis