1 Nov - 13 Nov

Sixteenth Nakaiy of Hulhangu
Calm days


Calm. Winds blow generally from the West.


Winds at an average speed of 11 knots per hour (20.37 km/hr.) Average rainfall is 96.3 mm (3.7 inches) and the average sunshine is 93.0 hrs.


It is calm and fishing is good in this period. The particular fishing season of these days are called the fishing days of "Noraahi".


The name given in Maldives to the sixteenth Nakaiy of Hulhangu season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the sixteenth lunar mansion and is named Vicakha, meaning “having spread branches”. The presiding divinity are Indra and Agni jointly. To the Arabs it is the sixteenth manzil of the moon and is called Az-Zubanan, "the two claws". Sinhala name is Visaa. Figured as a gate.


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