1 Feb - 13 Feb

Fifth Nakaiy of Iruvaa
North-easterly winds, moderate seas, plenty of sunshine


During this period seas are moderate and winds blow from the North-East.


Winds at an average speed of 11 knots per hour (20.37 km/hr.). Average rainfall is 37.8 mm (1.49 inches) and the sunshine is 107.4 hrs.


Good for shark fishing, Sailing towards the Malabar coast.


The name given to the fifth Nakaiy of Iruvaa season. In the past it was during this nakaiy that sailing vessels left Maldives for Cochin and other ports in the area. According to the hindu astrologers it is the twenty-fourth lunar mansion and is named Cravishtha, meaning “most famous”. The presiding deities are eight Vasus. To the Arabs it is the the twenty-fourth manzil of the moon and is named Sa’d as-Su’ud, meaning "felicity of felicities". Singhala name is Dhenata. Figured as a drum.


Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta in Delphini