21 Sep - 3 Oct

Thirteenth Nakaiy of Hulhangu
Generally clear and calm with isolated showers


During this period there may be minor storms now and then, but it will be generally clear and calm. Winds blow generally from the West.


Winds at an average speed of 13 knots per hour (24.08 km/hr.) Average rainfall is 96.1 mm (3.78 inches) & the average sunshine is 80.5 hrs.


Good. Schools move closer to the coast.


The name is given in Maldives to the thirteenth Nakaiy of Hulhangu season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the thirteenth lunar mansion and is named Hasta, meaning “hand”. The presiding divinity is Savitar. To the Arabs it is the thirteenth manzil of the moon and it is called Al-Auwa, "the barking dog". Sinhala name is Hatha. It is figured as a hand.


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