17 Jun - 30 Jun

Sixth Nakaiy of Hulhangu
Storms, south-westerly winds


Sea travelers try to steer towards the middle of storm clouds as the clouds tend to divide and give a clear path in the centre, the worst being experienced at both ends of these clouds. Wind blows generally from South-West.


Winds at an average of 11 knots (20.37 km/hr) Average rainfall for this Nakaiy is 65.8 mm (2.59inches). Average sunshine is 100.6 hrs.


Good large schools of fish are found.


Weeding, thinning, gap-filling and transplanting of the field is done.


The name given in Maldives to the sixth Nakaiy of Hulhangu season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the sixth lunar mansion and is is called Ardra, which means "moist". The presiding divinity is Rudra. To the Arabs it is the sixth manzil of the moon and is known as Al Han\'ah, meaning "the pile". Singhala name is Adha. it is figured as a gem.


Alpha (Betelgeuse) in Orionis