22 Apr - 5 May

Second Nakaiy of Hulhangu
Begins with a storm and strong winds, then becomes calm


Rather dry & stormy with rough seas. This Nakaiy is ushered in with a storm accompanied by strong winds but it will be calm after this initial storm. The direction of the wind is not settled but generally blows from the West.


Winds at an average speed of 10 knots per hour. (18.52 kilometers per hour). Average Rainfall for this Nakaiy is 65.9 mm (2.59 inches), and Sunshine is 115.4 hours.




The main agricultural activity during this Nakaiy is allowing the chopped trees on the cleared area to dry before being burnt. On some islands seeds are sown in this Nakaiy.


The name given in Maldives to the second Nakaiy of Hulhangu season. According to Hindu astrologers it is the second lunar mansion and is named Bharani, meaning ”bearer away”. To the Arabs it is the second manzil of the moon and is called Al Butain, meaning “little belly”. Sinhala name is Berana. It is figured as a pudendum muliebre.


Musca Borealis in Arietis